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Children's Hearings

When proceedings involve children, these are usually dealt with through the Children's Panel system.

Common examples include when it is suspected that a child is at risk of danger or harm, so the Panel are asked to consider removing them to an alternative place of safety or care. Or if a child commits criminal offences, but they are under the age to be formally prosecuted in Court, the Panel are also asked to deal with these sorts of cases.

We provide advice and representation to all parties involved in the Children's Hearings process, whether that be the child itself, its parents, or any other relevant persons. We represent parties at the Panel itself, and also in the Courts, if the Panel decides to refer any particular case to a Sheriff for additional consideration.

Other Services

We provide advice and representation to people suspected or charged with any crimes, from the Police station to the Court.

We act for people across a multitude of needs, from Family Law to Housing, and Mental Health to Debt.

We are approved by The Scottish Legal Aid Board, to provide all forms of Legal Aid funding, to all those eligible.

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