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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation can take many forms, and there are usually a number of stages to go through before you appear in court.

For example, if seeking repayment for a debt from someone else, or seeking contact to a child following a separation, the Court will always wish to see the results of negotiations between the Parties themselves before formally getting involved.

There are also certain other forums, for example Tribunal or Disciplinary hearings, that can determine certain civil law matters, should your situation fall into the respective jurisdiction.

The following are the main areas of Civil litigation practice that we deal with:

  • Family Law (e.g. Contact and Residence)
  • Housing (e.g. Eviction)
  • Mental Health Tribunals
  • Adults with Incapacity Act
  • Payment (e.g. seeking repayment)
  • Debt (e.g. cannot make repayments)

Other Services

We provide advice and representation to people suspected or charged with any crimes, from the Police station to the Court.

We represent children and their families, at Children's Panel Hearings, and subsequent Court proceedings, from start to finish.

We are approved by The Scottish Legal Aid Board, to provide all forms of Legal Aid funding, to all those eligible.

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